A World Without War

Peace In Our Time!

Hi, I'm Nathan, the developer of this website ("A World Without War"). I believe world peace is not impossible. I believe it is inevitable, but only if we all work towards making it a reality. I believe we can achieve world peace in our lifetime.

Thus, I've created this website, which I use to finance the start-up of, & to fund the operations of, a new, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (which I plan to call "The 'A World Without War' Foundation"), which I will incorporate as a 501(c3) in Michigan (in the USA) come this March or April (written as of 2018).

I hope you'll enjoy the stuff I've got to offer on this page & in the rest of this website. In the meantime, I'll be organizing a peace-making task force, where I (and my "task force") will call/write the leaders of nations currently engaging in armed conflict, be it imperial or civil wars, and get them to stop through negotiation & mutual communication among the contenders.

I also plan to engage in peacebuilding activities in order to ensure that war itself becomes an impossibility in our future. Wish me luck!

Thanks for dropping by!


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